Our History

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Recognized and gifted Hair Stylist, Wendy Lane established Ultimate Look in 1990 after serving the industry more than 20 years. Due to a critical medical condition, Wendy Lane has since stepped down from her managing position and passed the torch on to her nephew, Dominique Wells.

Master Barber, Dominique Wells acquired the business in 2005. Under his direction, Ultimate Look has encountered significant growth. Not only have his innovative ideas and superior management style progressed Ultimate Look as a business, but also as an encourager and activist for its surrounding community. Dominique Wells has lucratively re-envisioned the beauty salon and barbershop as an all-encompassing production.

By providing first-rate services to our clients, we strive to make every Ultimate Look venture enjoyable and fulfilling.

Here, at Ultimate Look, we endeavor to give you that ultimate beauty and grooming experience!

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